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If your here, it's likely you've seen Red's mention of using a pack I cobbled together for him for an old Makita Drill motor. Folks, since that mention I've been deluged with requests for replacement packs for all kinds of drills.... (which I have no knowledge of, catalogs or manuals for, replacement sensors, connectors, contacts & cases as well as all the other esoteric stuff required) 

In short, this type of work is not my forte'. In most cases where a replacement pack COULD be built by me, the cost of me doing so far outstrips the price normally charged by specialists in power tool pack replacements... so for all you folks out there seeking tool packs... try the link below... it's where I got the pack for my Dewalt... and yup; for less than I could buy the cells for!


Fast Access to individual cells for Balancing and Voltage Checks


NoBS Balance Buddy Module

Quick access to your NoBS 6.6v packs individual cells for checking cell balance or charging indivdual cells. Comes with Univ system connectors for direct access to any NoBS A123 pack. A must for correcting QUICKLY a major cell imbalance at the field without waiting for a balacing charger's 100 to 200ma 'balance' charge rate to get the packs individual cells back in balance. For more info on how and when to use the Buddy, click the link below.


NoBS Balance Buddy


Includes Univ System Connectors for NoBS A123 2 cell 6.6v packs (will not work on packs with more than 2 cells)


Questions? Email me at: hangtime@hangtimes.com
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