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 Corona Virus Impact Update

Despite some initial disruptions in logistics & with delivery services, our order processing and order turnaround times remain unaffected. Your business is critical to us; all orders routinely ship Priority w/ tracking and we get 'em on the way by the next business day. Thank you all for your continued support and Stay Safe! -- Steve & Diana Anthony


Greetings & Welcome to the Hangtimes Hobbies Consortium internet home page, exclusive home of the real NoBS Batteries. 
(yup.. there's actually a 'chinese clone' site out there using our name!)
1998 - 2020... now in our 22nd year of building the finest custom R/C packs you can get... assembled to order, right here in the USA.
Here is where you can get the finest mil-spec RPV & R/C oriented custom and OEM battery systems available anywhere. If it's an Rx, Ignition, Turbine or Telemetry pack for anything that flies from sport R/C thru Commercial & Military RPV's, I can make it. I build custom built packs for Giant Scale, Warbirds & IMAC 3-D, upgrade Tx packs for your 2.4 Computer Radio as well as Telemetry and Airborne Video and Ignition Packs designed to survive in the most demanding enviornments. You'll find system chargers, field chargers, switch kits and of course a full selection of the finest A123, Nicad and NiMH Rx, Tx, Ignition & Turbine packs, every one built to exacting Mil-Spec standards at prices that make custom built quality affordable for every modeler.  
No Bull.. Just Great Batteries! 
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NiCad & NiMH Rx & Ignition Packs for Giant Scale, RPV's & Turbine ECU Packs


A123 LiFe Packs for Sport & Giant Scale, Rx & Ignition, ECU & Telemetry applications


NiCad & NiMH Tx Packs for Futaba, JR, Evo, Specktrum, Multiplex,  Airtronics, etc


System Accessories Chargers, Switches, Extensions, ESV's, Etc


Red Scholefield's R/C Battery Clinic, Archived Articles , How To's & Charger Reviews


The NoBS Battery Support FAQ's, A123 Setup Guide, Technology Comparisons


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